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CHSBUA Umpires,

I want to thank every one of you that participated in the 2016 season. This season had its ups and downs, but in the end it finished well.

New Umpires

I would like to start by saying thank you to all new umpires statewide that joined CHSBUA in 2016. If there is anything I can do for any of you let me know. You guys and girls are the new generation for CHSBUA and the Executive Committee thanks you along with your local area directors.

Recruitment & Retention

The Executive Committee is excited to announce a new program with regards to recruitment in CHSBUA.

We have decided to waive the annual dues to any umpire who brings a new member in and that member successfully passes the written test and works for one full season. The dues will be waived the following year; you may only receive a dues waiver once a year for one umpire.

Retention is everyones job, as veterans we must find a new umpire or one that is struggling with either the game, the mechanics or how to get games.Sign up with that umpire and help him to become comfortable and knowledgeable of the game.

CHSBUA does not want or need uncertified umpires on the field working baseball. This just creates drama and problems within the association. So if you worked with a noncertified official last spring please make contact with that official and encourage him to become certified and work high school baseball.


This item really only effects the Denver Metro Area. Last year the draw was somewhat screwed up.I will not go in to details, but while sitting in the partners meeting in June Tom Robinson was very clear moving forward.

Jerry Letofsky is the Arbiter Manager for baseball in the Denver Draw. The Area 1 Directors, along with Jerry, Donna and Dale will sit down and rank all officials prior to the draw. The Area Directors, along with Jerry, Dale, and Donna (like it has been for ages) will conduct the draw and assign accordingly; there will be no one else involved.This should clear up all issues with the draw. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to send an email to or call 720-519-8936

Spring Season

Through the 2016 season I personally received very few phone calls with regards to baseball. The ones I did receive were interesting to say the least. I will not go in to a lot of detail, but just remember when ejecting someone, coach or player, we must fill out the ejection report, submit to CHSAA and your local area director and it is out of your hands. Please refrain from calling the coach or the school, this just creates another layer for everyone to try and resolve.

The Executive Committee and Area Directors are proud of each and every one of you guys for your commitment to the game. This game could not be played without you.

Post Season

This years postseason went very well, the Executive Committee would like to thank each and everyone one of you that were picked to represent CHSBUA/CHSAA in all levels of play. There were some umpires with their first postseason game. I would like to know what your experience was with it, and how we can make it better for next year.

When you are able to concentrate and learn at the meetings without disruption, your performance on the field shows.The Executive Committee would like to thank all Area Directors statewide for preparing their umpires for postseason play.


CHSBUA delivered eleven scholarships to umpires statewide in 2016. CHSBUA has seventeen to hand out every year. In 2017 the Executive Committee would like to hand out all seventeen scholarships, please take advantage of this opportunity to get better in your craft. If you are interested please contact your area director, or send me an email to and I will see that it gets done.

Training & Clinics

Upcoming training starts in Greeley, this will be both two and three man starting August 26th and going through August 28th. The tournament is put on by UNC Baseball, and Robert Wilson through the RMUA. There are no game fees attached to the tournament, there will be evaluators on hand for both two and three man fields full written evaluations will be given after every game. For more information please contact Robert Wilson at

Labor Day weekend is the RMUA clinic. This clinic is put on by Robert Wilson and scholarships are still available for this camp. For more information please contact Robert Wilson at you do not want to miss this weekend of training.

CHSBUA's annual three-man clinic will be held in Pueblo Colorado again this year. Last years clinic was an absolute success. There were 19 umpires who received outstanding three-man training from a host of clinicians; there is more information to come on this. This clinic will be held on September 9th through the 11th, this clinic is free to all CHSBUA umpires, please take full advantage of this opportunity to get better in your craft.Please contact me at for more information

CHSBUA/CFOA Fundraiser

CHSBUA is excited about the partnership with CFOA at Sports Authority Field this fall. This is a great opportunity to help CHSBUA, learn a little bit about officiating football if you choose someday to work.

If done right, this association can earn close to $6000.00.

I am asking everyone to do their best and participate in this event. I would also like some feedback on what CHSBUA umpires would like to do with the money. If you are traveling outside the metro area to participate, and you are more than 150 miles CHSBUA will set you up somewhere for the night, plus mileage will be paid to the driver.

I will start by saying CHSBUA will set aside 750.00 of this money to reward our postseason umpires. This means if you are selected for a three man game your game fee goes from 49.00 to 70.00 for that game. I hope this helps you make the decision to be involved in postseason play.

With that said everyone that would like to be considered for postseason in the future must receive formal training. This training can come from any of the selected groups on the scholarship, and you can receive a scholarship to go. So please try and make this a goal for all of you in 2017.

CHSBUA is also willing to travel to whatever part of the state, with a team of clinicians to perform training in your group.

Also, I would like to set aside 1000.00 to help new umpires with equipment cost statewide,we all know how much it costs to do our hobby/job and that has been the issue for most incoming umpires. If there are any other suggestions please do not hesitate to send your comments.

HOF/Golf Tournament

The venue was changed this year and was once again a huge success. Raccoon Creek did an outstanding job as a host, with the course challenging and in great shape, the inductee banquet set-up to our liking, and the service from the staff from the beginning of the day to the conclusion of the night was top notch! This doesn't come without a price. Profits were down by over 50% and adjustments are already being discussed to increase our bottom line and still provide guests with a high end experience for their participation and donation dollars.

Executive Committee

There were changes in the Executive Committee this year. I first want to say thank you to Dave Baker for his contribution to CHSBUA for many years. Terry Angell is now our new interim treasurer, Dave Baker is now secretary.

This Executive Committee will be meeting again in November, more news to come.


The budget is being shared for all members to review. With a snapshot of the year in review, profit & loss statement, and proposed budget for next year, you can see where and how your dues are spent. There is an inclusion of the breakdown of the dues below the proposed budget page. Please visit the CHSBUA website (, please move the mouse below home page button under the banner and click on the 2016 Executive Committee Summary. Also, next to that click on the HOF/ Golf Statement. Below that click on the 2016-2017 Proposed Budget. Next to that is the Profit & Loss Statement for 2015-16. I want to thank Terry Angell for all his hard work getting this set up. This will be the first time in CHSBUA that the members will be able to view what we are doing as an association. From this day forward anything shared statewide will be posted on the website. Any questions (or comments) can be directed to the interim treasurer, Terry Angell at

In closing I would like to say thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the game. Thank you assignors for all of your hard work as well, this could not be done without you. Be sure also to say to your significant other, thanks for letting me do this, I love you.

Have a great summer.


John E. Juranek Jr

CHSBUA President

720-519-8936 or 303-947-8734